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Date Broadcast. Playlist Notes.
March 20 2018 Playlist

Its a year since we lost Chuck Berry. As usual your requests show your excellent taste.

March 13 2018 Playlist

Lots of nice R&B piano and sax tonight.

March 6 2018 Playlist

Thanks for your great requests tonight. You guys make it a great show!

February 27 2018 Playlist

Live as usual. Songs about boots and shoes and lots more.

February 20 2018 Playlist

Well, sorry about last week's screw up, it was out of my control. Your requests from last week and more from this week.

February 13 2018 Playlist

Lots of great requests this week. Back to live show next week.

February 6 2018 Playlist

I'm having a week off the live show next week, but there will be a pre recorded show, so get your requests in early.

January 30 2018 Playlist

Some Live Jerry Lee tonight and some great requests from you guys!

January 23 2018 Playlist

Thanks for listening.

January 16 2018 Playlist

Our usual bunch of requests and a mini theme of 'nightmares'.

January 9 2018 Playlist

The new Year rolls on and so does the rock'n'roll.

January 2 2018 Playlist

The first show for 2018. Another 32 years and we'll be back to the '50s.

December 26 2017 Playlist

The week between Christmas and New Year. Happy New Year.

December 19 2017 Playlist

Its Christmas, so a lot of Christmas songs tonight.

December 12 2017 Playlist

Fingers crossed there will be no technical problems tonight.

December 5 2017 Playlist

Its December so a few, not too many, Christmas tracks. Again this week we were attacked by internet gremlins.

November 28 2017 Playlist

Quite a few Aussie tracks tonight, and some English, and some excellent requests.

November 21 2017 Playlist

Finally got this bloody website working. With last week's stuff up with the email, I celebrate by playing lot of favourite tracks from you. And also some songs about letters.

November 14 2017 Playlist

Getting close to Christmas, but no Christmas songs yet.

November 7 2017 Playlist

A great bunch of requests tonight.

October 31 2017 Playlist

A big farewell to Fats Domino tonight.

October 24 2017 Playlist

Lots of great requests tonight, thanks to you all.

October 17 2017 Playlist

A mixed bag as usual.

October 10 2017 Playlist

Lots of instant requests tonight - Thank you all.

October 03 2017 Playlist

October already. Where did the year go?

September 26 2017 Playlist

Some left overs from last week's all girls show. Some nice requests and lots of other good stuff.

September 19 2017 Playlist

Last week I did not get to play all the rockin' ladies I planned to, so tonight its all female rockers.

September 12 2017 Playlist

A lot of good rockin' ladies tonight and some Buddy Holly to celebrate his 81st birthday

September 5 2017 Playlist

Quite a few songs about candy this week. Diabetic please enjoy these won't hurt you.

August 29 2017 Playlist

songs about Hurricans and floods this week.

August 22 2017 Playlist

We salute sonny Burgess, and play songs that relate to the eclipse.

August 15 2017 Playlist

Elvis's 40th anniversary tomorrow, so a lot of Elvis and related tracks.

August 8 2017 Playlist

Some Jerry Lee tonight and quite a lot of different stuff.

August 1 2017 Playlist

Three hours tonight, I'm filling in for Kevin.

July 25 2017 Playlist

OUr usual mix of all things rockin'

July 18 2017 Playlist

Lots of Sun Records tunes tonight.

July 15 2017 Playlist

This is a recording of my appearance on Shake Rattle and Roll, the Australian Rock'n'Roll Appreciation Society show last week on 3CR.

July 11 2017 Playlist

Very busy with requests today.

July 4 2017 Playlist

Some songs to celebrate July 4th, American Independence Day.

June 27 2017 Playlist

Lots of requests and I push the wrong button a few times.

June 20 2017 Playlist

No theme, but quite a lot of hillbilly rockers tonight.

June 13 2017 Playlist

All sorts of variety tonight.

June 6 2017 Playlist

Lots of requests tonight.

May 30 2017 Playlist

Whisky and beer songs and all the usual mix

May 23 2017 Playlist

Playing lots of covers tonight, and also a few live performances from VLV#20

May 16 2017 Playlist

Lots of requests tonight. And quite a few British rock'n'roll.

May 9 2017 Playlist

Some more tracks from what I got in Vegas and some live recordings also. Lots of excellent request.

May 2 2017 Playlist

All about Vegas tonight. Lots of requests too.

25 April 2017 Playlist

Ah, what a fuck up. Lots of tech issues so the show did not go to air properly on Tuesday, so I went live on Sunday morning. Lots of mini themes during the show.

18 April 2017 Playlist

The second of two pre recorded shows, while I'm away in Vegas.

11 April 2017 Playlist

The first of two pre recorded shows while I am away at VLV.

4 April 2017 Playlist

Lots more requests from our regular listeners.

28 March 2017 Playlist

Lots of requests.

21 March 2017 Playlist

As usual anything that rocks. And We celebrate the life of Chuck Berry.

14 March 2017 Playlist

Lots of request and a lot of quite short songs so I can fit as many in as possible.

7 March 2017 Playlist

Lots of great piano pumpers tonight.

28 February 2017 Playlist

Lots of requests and some interesting stuff.

21 February 2017 Playlist

Some left over UK tracks from llast week, and some rockin' religion tonight.

14 February 2017 Playlist

Some Valentines Day requests and lots of UK Rock.

7 February 2017 Playlist

Some songs about Satan and sex tonight.

31 January 2017 Playlist

Our usual variety of all sorts of rockin'.

24 January 2017 Playlist

Celebrating couple of birthdays and lots of good rockin'

17 January 2017 Playlist

Lots of cool rockin' stuff tonight

10 January 2017 Playlist

Second show for 2017. Ronnie Hawkins birthday and some great requests.

3 January 2017 Playlist

First show for 2017. Our regular mix of all types of rock'n'roll.

27 December 2016 Playlist

Last show for the year. Hope you had a great Christmas and look forward to a rockin' new year.

20 December 2016 Playlist

Its almost Christmas, so lots of Christmas wishes, some Christmas songs and some humour.

13 December 2016 Playlist

Quite a few requests tonight. Just a couple of christmas songs.

6 December 2016 Playlist

Quite a few requests tonight. Just a couple of christmas songs.

29 November 2016 Playlist

No theme, but we have a few tracks from Part Records who have sent us lots to play.

22 November 2016 Playlist

Getting close to Christmas, but no Christmas songs yet.

15 November 2016 Playlist

Have you recovered from US Election day yet. Nothing trumps rock'n'roll so lts do it.

8 November 2016 Playlist

It is Election day in the USA. I vote for more rock'n'roll.

1 November 2016 Playlist

Lots of great rockabilly tonight.

25 October 2016 Playlist

I acknowledge the passing of Phil chess. He and brother Leonard, began the Chess label in 1950. As usual requests and lots of good stuff.

18 October 2016 Playlist

Chuck Berry is 90 today. Happy Birthday.

11 October 2016 Playlist

Its 45 years since Gene Vincent passed. Quite a few Gene songs tonight.

4 October 2016 Playlist

More great rock'n'roll as usual.

27 September 2016 Playlist

I'm back live tonight, after a dose of boogie woogie flu and then last week a technical disaster. This week I play tracks by Eddie Cash, Joe Clay, and John D. Loudermilk, as they all passed away in the last few days.

13 September 2016 Playlist

Tonight is a pre recorded show. I am full of flu. When I moved house, back in June, I recorded this show, but for reasons out of my control, it did not get played on my Tuesday timeslot.

6 September 2016 Playlist

On tonight's show I will play almost all of the artists that have been announced as on the bill for next years's Viva Las Vegas.

30 August 2016 Playlist

As usual a "great" show! All the best in all types of Big Beat music.

23 August 2016 Playlist

All the best in all types of Big Beat music.

16 August 2016 Playlist

Elvis Anniversary 39 years today. Play some Sun tracks. And your requests.

9 August 2016 Playlist

A show with lots of my favourites.

19 July 2016 Playlist

This show is out of this world! All about flying saucers, little green men, rockets and aliens.

12 July 2016 Playlist

All the contempory bands this week. But definitely with a trad sound.

5 July 2016 Playlist

Its all about cars today.

28 June 2016 Playlist

A pre recorded show. Its all about trains.

21 June 2016 Playlist

Thursday is Referendum Day in the UK to decide if they want to stay in the European Union. So tonight every track is about staying or leaving.

14 June 2016 Playlist

A good mix of all styles tonight.

7 June 2016 Playlist

Quite a few Starday tracks tonight. A few requests especially near the end of the show.

31 May 2016 Playlist

I stuffed up the theme, but the rest of the show we really rocked the joint.

24 May 2016 Playlist

A mixed bag tonight. Your requests helped a lot.

17 May 2016 Playlist

As usual all types of rock'n'roll and your requests.

10 May 2016 Playlist

As long as it rocks we will play your request.

3 May 2016 Playlist

A lot of Aussie tracks tonight as well as good contributions from listeners.

26 April 2016 Playlist

Let the good times roll for the next two hours.

19 April 2016 Playlist

We kick off with Charlie Feathers, and it gets better from there!

12 April 2016 Playlist

If you can't make Vegas this weekend, I'll rock you tonight.

5 April 2016 Playlist

A lot of good stuff tonight. Check out the Cactus Blossoms

29 March 2016 Playlist

I was running late because of daylight saving, but still lots of good rockin'.of

22 March 2016 Playlist

As usual, requests,and our usual mix.

15 March 2016 Playlist

A few different mini themes tonight. One theme with quite a few songs is "School".

8 March 2016 Playlist

Its International Womens' Day, so its all rockin' ladies tonight.

1 March 2016 Playlist

Some tracks from Viva Las Vegas CD 19, as we prepare for VLV in a few days.

23 February 2016 Playlist

No theme, but lots of obscurabilly.

16 February 2016 Playlist

Some tracks from the Columbia label tonight and a great variety of other stuff.

9 February 2016 Playlist

Its Mardi Gras in New Orleans. A few New Orleans classics tonight.

2 February 2016 Playlist

A few leftovers from last week's Auall Australian show plus requests and the usual rockin' mix.

26 January 2016 Playlist

Its all Australian tonight since it is Australia Day.

19 January 2016 Playlist

Lots of good rockabilly tonight.

12 January 2016 Playlist

Second show of the year. A lot of requests and some more of the great stuff sent in to Rockabilly Radio last year.

5 January 2016 Playlist

first show of the year. Quite a few double entendre songs tonight.

29 december 2015 Playlist

Twas the show after Christmas. I play some great material that bands have sent to RBR this year. Also our usual mix.

22december 2015 Playlist

Twas the show before Christmas, so I play lots of fun songs, parodies, answer songs, all sorts of funnies and some Christmas stuff, but mostly good rockin'.

15 december 2015 Playlist

Lots of good rockin', as usual.

8 december 2015 Playlist

Lots and lots of Australian rockabilly tonight.

1 december 2015 Playlist

All about hot rods tonight. Every song has hot rod in the title.

24 November 2015 Playlist

Our usual mix of music and your requests.

17 November 2015 Playlist

Lot of personal favs tonight and some more new material.

10 November 2015 Playlist

Lot of personal favs tonight and some more new material.

3 November 2015 Playlist

Some new tracks sent in by great artists, some requests and some humour.

27 October 2015 Playlist

Lots of new tracks that have been sent in by bands around the world. Also some very nice rhthm and blues.

20 October 2015 Playlist

Its Wanda's birthday. Lets have a party!

13 October 2015 Playlist

Some of your favs, some of mine, and some requests.

6 October 2015 Playlist

I'm in an Eddie Cochran mood and we play some live recordings from Hemsby.

29 September Playlist

Tonight we celebrate Jerry Lee Lewis's 80th birthday. A Killer 3 hour show.

22 September Playlist

I always start out not knowing what to play, but eventually come up with a great mix. i

15 September Playlist

Tonight we have an interview with fellow Rockabilly Radio DJ Charles. also some skiffle, some nice Australian tracks. As usual a real mix.

8 September Playlist

A real mixed bag tonight.

1 September Playlist

Lot of aussie tracks and some great requests this week.

25 August 2015 Playlist

This week areal mix of good rockin' music.

18 August 2015 Playlist

This week its "Foreign Language rock'n'roll". Almost every song is in non English. Great rock'n'roll. Thanks to Charles and Eddie for their help with this.

11 August 2015 Playlist

Tonight's show is all about boy's names. Lots of good rockers and a few more poppy sounds featuring boy's names.

4 August 2015 Playlist

Quite a few aussie tracks tonight and requests as usual.

28 July 2015 Playlist

Lots of good music tonight. Gene Vincent, Crazy Cavan, some nice R&B and great to hear from regular listeners too.

21 July 2015 Playlist

Lots of "Red Hot" music to keep me warm. Its been bloody cold here in Melbourne.

14 July 2015 Playlist

Its Bastille Day, so we do some French rockin'.

7 July 2015 Playlist

A fast paced show tonight. Requests coming in by email and people using the Chat room.

30 June 2015 Playlist

A good mix of jump blues and rockabilly tonight. Some live stuff from Hemsby earlier this month and some Elvis and other sun material.

23 June 2015 Playlist

Tonight as well as our usual requests, I'll play some live material from Hemsby as well as other live performances.

16 June 2015 Playlist

Our usual mix of rockin' stuff tonight. A few Aussie tracks and as usual your requests.

9 June 2015 Playlist

No special theme tonight. I just asked my computer to throw up a random mix. MWith a few additions from me and your requests, it turned out a good show.

2 June 2015 Playlist

Tonight we go to the movies. Songs from great rockin' movies and songs about movies.

26 May 2015 Playlist

Lots of variety this week. A new Aussie band called Malestrom. Some very nice hillbilly and vocal harmony.

19 May 2015 Playlist

This week some rockin' material from The Blues Boy. B.B. King passed away last week. Also I'm in a Rock'n'Roll Trio rockabilly mood, some Aussie stuff, all sorts, as usual.